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Mission, BC

My Experience

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  • Manages daily operations in a manner that supports and guides the Mission Hospice.

  • Establishes and manages all administrative policies and procedures.

  • Hires, retains and motivates competent, qualified staff and volunteers.

  • Implements new regulations, policies, and procedures relevant to Hospice operations.

  • Operates within the approved budget to ensure maximum resource utilization.

  • Submits monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors, which accurately reflects the financial position of our Hospice.

  • Researches and identifies all growth strategies and opportunities.

  • Establishes and maintains good relationships with individuals and organizations of the community, including funders, sponsors, partnering agencies and volunteers; such as Fraser Health and local First Nations.

  • Implements programs and policies to align with the Mission Hospice objectives, ensuring they are up to date and relevant within the current Societies Act, bylaws and non-profit business environment, and that the Hospice is managed in line with all provincial and federal legislation.

  • Organizes Board of Director reports, presentations, agendas, meetings and Annual General Meeting.

  • Involved with strategic planning, board governance and grant writing.

  • Develops and implements all potential sources of revenue and funding necessary to support the Mission Hospice ~ including the Annual Gala, Ride for Hospices and Hike for Hospice.

  • Active and visible in the community; advocating on behalf of the Mission Hospice; effectively communicating the hospice mission and strategic future to staff, donors, volunteers and the community.

  • Manages Mission Hospice website and all social media platforms.

Executive Director

Mission Hospice Society

Mission, BC

Mission Hospice Society
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  • Researched and determined viability for new fundraising initiatives.

  • Planned, managed and executed all aspects of each campaign and event; such as Bowl for Kids Sake and the Annual BBBS Golf Tournament.

  • Sought out new community partnerships and event sponsorship to grow the fundraising events portfolio.

  • Attended community-building events that aligned with BBBS organizational values.

  • Represented BBBS in occasional media and public speaking engagements.

  • Created and updated content for BBBS communications platforms.

  • Nurtured and contributed to the unique culture of the organization.

  • Advised on annual budgetary requirements, as well as identified new grants and funding opportunities.

  • Prepared proposals, high quality letters of intent and grant applications.

Events & Funds Development Manager

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Mission, BC

  • Engaged and educated the community about the Mission Chamber and its goals.

  • Nurtured and served existing Chamber of Commerce members, while recruiting new ones on a consistent basis.

  • Maintained and administered membership database.

  • Extended outreach to diverse businesses in order to address opportunities and identify gaps within the business community

  • Oversaw communications efforts of the Chamber; lead the development of promotional literature and online postings.

  • Introduce programs and strategies to generate buzz around the Chamber.

  • Designed and managed campaigns to increase awareness of the Chamber’s programs, events and initiatives, increasing membership and participation from a broad business audience.

  • Organized the production and delivery of all assets related to marketing, and promoting the many networking events, activities and fundraisers.

  • Developed and executed all special events necessary to support the Mission Chamber ~ including monthly Chamber Luncheons, networking events, Candlelight parade, Annual Golf Tournament and the Business Excellence Awards.

  • Recruited, trained and managed event volunteers and summer students.

  • Managed all deliverables and receivables onsite at events for sponsors, donors and vendors.

  • Wrote high quality external communications documents and created presentations; including sponsorship marketing materials and final reports including summarizing costs and expenses of events.

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Membership & Events Coordinator

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mission, BC

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce
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