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Mission, BC

My Story

Angel Elias

It takes an extraordinary kind of person to accept a position primarily responsible for focusing on the palliation of terminally ill patients. Ensuring not only their end of life emotional and spiritual needs are met, but also guaranteeing that annual funds are secured in order to continue the operation of the nonprofit, can be both daunting and challenging. Everyday, Angel establishes and implements goals for hospice service and drives the operation of the facility.  She manages budgets, provides adequate staff education programs, complies with the ever changing health care standards and regulations, and is responsible for all fundraising and public relations.

Anyone that has ever encountered Angel, in either a professional or personal setting, can attest to the fact that she has an incredibly strong drive and welcomes any challenge to enhance her skills.

Angel moved to Mission, as a single mother, and it wasn’t long before Angel landed a position with the banquets department at the Best Western Hotel. The catering industry calls for an enormous amount of multi-tasking, efficiency,  diplomacy and communication. Angel thrived in this environment.  She discovered she had the uncanny ability to not only give exemplary customer service, but she could also engage and motivate her team to get the job done, in an enjoyable and productive manner.

Her positivity, her confidence, her organizational skills and her remarkable problem solving abilities thoroughly impressed the clients, and soon, and soon Angel became one of the most respected and revered event planners in town.

She was really beginning to introduce herself as an industry professional, but at the same time, she and her new husband were in the midst of juggling the inevitable struggle of a work/life balance.  It was a challenge Angel accepted with unwavering enthusiasm and a strong determination to succeed.  Their children were young and the hotel gave her the necessary freedom required to actively involve herself in parent advisory councils, as well as recreational hobbies and sporting activities. Practices, games, recitals and years of coaching provided a valuable opportunity for renewing life’s important lessons, such as team work, leadership, fair play and having fun.

As the kids grew and life became increasingly more hectic, quality family time and extracurricular activities were no longer coinciding well with working holidays, weekends and night shifts. With a heavy heart, and after five years employment with the Best Western, Angel made the decision to leave when she was offered a position with the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce.  As the new Membership and Events Coordinator, the Chamber proved a true initiation into the business community of Mission.

Embracing a world of networking and business engagement gave Angel new credibility and a valuable voice amongst her peers. 

The way you spend your leisure time can dramatically influence your happiness, focus and success, and Angel found herself spending more and more time giving back to the community. Rotary appealed to Angel, with its assurance of personal growth, business development, continued learning, volunteer opportunities and most of all, friendship.  Angel was as much an asset to Rotary as Rotary was to Angel. She had discovered a way to integrate her interests, creative thinking and skills with the needs of others. Angel has been the honoured recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship Award. This recognition honours individuals that demonstrate significant support for The Rotary. It is the highest honour bestowed and represents a combination of fellowship and extraordinary service to the community.

Angel Elias

With a recent mid-career change, regular business engagements, ever-increasing volunteer activity, and a commitment to prioritize family time, Angel took on yet another challenge. She decided to go back to school and earn her Business Administration Degree from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Then a posting caught her eye and sparked her attention.  The Mission Hospice was looking for a new Executive Director.  Angel has now been with the Mission Hospice since 2013.

It is a challenging role, but Angel gets to do something that she genuinely loves.  When people align how they make a living, with who they are, and what they value, that’s when they find incredible success. She has proven that a strong leader can make a large difference in how a non-profit organization operates.

Angel rose to prominence, as one of our community’s top event coordinators, planning her annual and unique fundraising events like Hospice Gala and Hike and Ride for Hospice, to name a few.  These events work to raise awareness of the many challenges faced by palliative care and help to promote the phenomenal work performed by volunteers and professionals on a regular basis.

Angel Elias

Again, the time has come for another change in Angel’s life, and she is looking towards a seat with our municipal council. Leadership means listening carefully to others. Leadership is the understanding of different concerns, ideas and perspectives.  When electing officials in Mission, our community seeks out individuals with integrity, honesty and impeccable communication skills.

Over the years, Angel has more than proven that she has the competence and commitment required to properly represent Mission. She has the interpersonal skills necessary to converse with the community. She has an objective and critical mind, and is a strategic thinker with the ability to deal with a variety of complex issues. Acting with consistency, regardless of her audience, Angel prides herself on being open minded and approachable.

An authentic community spirit.  Inspirational women like Angel Elias embody true leadership and vision. They are breaking barriers to reach impressive heights. A genuine role model with an indisputably positive impact on our hometown, Angel is ready for the challenge.

Integrity. Accountability. Empathy. Humility. Resilience. Influence. Positivity. Confidence.

Angel has the ability to help Mission reach our goals and potential.

Angel Elias
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