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Mission, BC

My Vision

Angel Elias

Mission's Social Sector

The Social Sector of Mission is a top priority and a passion of mine.  Over the past few years, due to the nature of my employment with the Mission Hospice, I have been responsible for providing compassionate end of life care and grief support to the community.  Each day, I work very closely with Fraser Health, as well as a number of businesses and non-profit organizations. The relationships and partnerships forged will serve beneficial when advocating for imperative health care needs in our community. 

“In trying to make a big difference, don't ignore the small daily differences we can make..”

Mental Health Services

Mental Health services are needed in every community, but we really need to start looking to our Provincial Government for funding.  There are new opportunities out there to support community-led initiatives.  My time with the Hospice has allowed me to form a great working relationship with our health authority and this first hand experience could prove advantageous for Mission.

As the parent of a child faced with Mental Health issues, I can attest to the lack of support services we have in our community.  Foundries offer young people health and wellness resources, services and supports right across BC. This is something we are lacking in our community.  A Foundry in Mission would allow individuals and families to access services and substantially improve quality of life and well-being.

City of Mission Services

Supporting our first responders, such as the Mission Fire Rescue Department and the Mission RCMP, as well as having the proper staff in place to support the safety needs of our community, is extremely important to me. Safety! 

With our own backyard as a potential fire risk, we need to ensure our emergency departments are fully staffed and properly equipped.  Our RCMP detachment is committed to building a safe and caring environment through partnerships, but I believe they require a more active role, more engaging leadership and a greater presence.  

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Angel Elias


Housing, as well as affordable housing, is always of top priority for me.  In recent times, it's difficult to begin to comprehend what affordable housing is.  What may be affordable to some, is far from affordable to many others.  As a community, we need to look at our demographics.  My mother was a senior in this community, living on a limited income.  I am very aware of the struggle she faced in finding affordable housing. 

This is not only an ongoing struggle with the seniors, but also the vulnerable population.  Working together with the Mission Community Services Society, as well as other community organizations, we should be out to find real solutions.  

Both of my children have left their hometown, in order to move to a community that can afford more affordable housing opportunities. I want to work on making Mission more economically affordable and give the younger generation a chance to discover how incredible this community can be to raise a family.

Angel Elias


In tackling the complex challenges of housing, while striving for affordability, we must address the development of our city. Recently we have seen a surge in development in Mission, and while it promises to cater to a variety of incomes, it is coming at us quickly and we need to be sure that Mission is ready to facilitate this rapid growth. Without proper planning, development will not be seen to be successful. Planning needs to be done carefully to ensure infrastructure is ready to support traffic flow, parking, emergency services and much more.  As someone in the community who pays close attention to planning and development applications, I see where our challenges are and what our priorities for development in our city should be.


Mission's Economic Development Officer has recently brought forward a comprehensive and impressive plan for Mission's Waterfront development. This unique opportunity is an exciting time for our little town.  The creation of a waterfront, along with new housing, will attract new businesses, new residents, as well as significantly increase our tourism appeal. This will all work to support our community. Mission is sure to witness a boost of outdoor recreation on the Fraser, with the promise of improved local marina access.  While I realize there are still many moving parts to consider, this undertaking is exhilarating and something our entire community should be looking forward to.  

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